ll Welcome!

Membership is free. To join us its really just a matter of coming and gaming with us and contributing to the community. There are really two places you need to sign-up to get all the updates you need for FORGE.

  • Warhorn - Sign-ups for our regular games. Visit the games section for details on joining and signing up.
  • Facebook - used for member collaboration and message board. The Facebook page has more casual updates about the group. Visit the message board section and join the Facebook page for those updates.
  • Mailing List - keeps you up-to-date on the major news and lets you know when the newest game schedule is up. Visit the mailing list section and stay informed.

And of course you can access all FORGE information from FORGEweb.org where we will have regular blog updates, convention information, and regular gaming posts.

Spread the word!!

If you are a regular member already. Bring a friend, and both you and your friend are exempt from that night's table tax!!